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January 5, 2014 Woodbury No Comments

    Koly Speer, Ulen, Minn., had a doubt in Dec for Neighbors’ readers: What was a children’s uncover on a internal TV hire weekdays in a late 1950s and early 1960s, and who was a station’s announcer who was featured?

    Tim Pederson, now of Fargo though who grew adult in Arthur, N.D., soon wrote that, “It competence have been ‘Captain Jim,’ with Jim Rohn, on KXJB.”

    Well, it not usually competence have been Jim Rohn, it was. That was done transparent by many others who wrote in.

    Among them:

    Ann Romsdahl, now of Brandon, S.D., who grew adult in Alice, N.D., and attended high propagandize in Enderlin, N.D.: “The usually internal uncover we can remember from that time support was a ‘Captain Jim’ show, and it was Jim Rohn, we think, who hosted it.”

    Gale Bergee, Ada, Minn., who afterwards lived in Halstad, Minn.: “ ‘Captain Jim’ on KXJB; Jim Rohn was a host. He was a weatherman. The name of his vessel was a ‘Sink Knot.’ we was a guest on a uncover along with my associate Cub Scout basement friends in a early ’60s. It was a blast!”

    Clarice Kadry, West Fargo: “Jim Rohn, captain of a Sink Knot, was someone we watched after propagandize in a ’50s.”

    Larry Nordick, Lynchburg, Va., before of Moorhead though who lived on a plantation nearby Foxhome, Minn., when he watched “Captain Jim”: “He showed cartoons as partial of a show. He wore a yacht captain’s cap. Very cold guy. Calm demeanor. Great voice. Fun show.”

    Denise Heiser, West Fargo: “Kids with birthdays could come to a uncover with their guests. The birthday kids would any go in spin to be interviewed by Captain Jim on house a SS Sink Knot, that was a plywood cut-out of a yank vessel bridge. At a finish of any interview, a child would ring a ship’s bell however series of times his/her age was and afterwards be presented with a few gifts from area businesses. Capt. Jim would also speak other kids in a audience.

    “I went twice, once as a birthday kid, and another as a guest of a birthday kid. One of a prizes mostly given out were acknowledgment tickets to Bud’s Roller Rink.

    “There would also be guest presenters. A visit one was a authority who ran a pet store in north Moorhead who would move opposite animals to speak about.

    “The uncover took place during a Channel 4 studios in a rounded-roof Quonset-type building during 1805 Main Ave., West Fargo, now a Jemco building.”

    Scott Schrader, Woodbury, Minn: “The set was one of those card vessel thingies. The cartoons were fundamentally Popeye. Rohn after went on to conduct a Alexandria (Minn.) TV station, and is a member of a Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame, confirmed by a Pavek Museum in a Twin Cities.”

    Steve Doyle, Hastings, Minn., before of Fargo: “It was common to be in a assembly for a friend’s birthday party. Cartoons were one of a show’s large attractions for after-school viewing. Thanks for sparking a happy childhood memory.”

    Jim Peterson, Oak Park, Ill.: “I remember going down to a studio on my birthday, when we was 5 or 6. Jim Rohn was a neighbor of ours on 24th Avenue North in Fargo.”

    Larry Cunningham, Fargo: “Jim Rohn played dual characters on a show, a space commander and a sea captain, both name Captain Jim. we seemed on his uncover as a kid.”

    Earl Williams, Fargo, late from WDAY: “The 1950s kids uncover was called ‘Captain Jim,’ hosted by Jim Rohn on Channel 4 during 4 p.m. Jim was also a TV weatherman for many years.”

    Craig Flaagan, earthy preparation dialect authority during Carl Ben Eielson School, Fargo: “I remember going to a uncover and toll a bell on my birthday.”

    Pat Connor, West Fargo: “Captain Jim (also) would review letters from viewers. Some of a letters to Captain Jim would tell a spectator to demeanour somewhere during home for a birthday present.”

    Kevin Korsmo, Spokane, Wash., writes, “In Oct 1962, when we were vital in Forman (N.D.), we remember going to Fargo for a 6th birthday of Steve Kenward (then of Forman and after of Fargo) and all of us kids were to seem on Captain Jim’s show. But alas, we were pre-empted by President Kennedy addressing a country; we suppose it was a Cuban barb predicament that took core theatre that day.”

    But “Captain Jim” had some-more than kids as fans. At slightest one adult was, for good reason.

    She is a former Sharon Sullivan, Moorhead, who worked during Minnesota State University Moorhead for many years and was a executive of educational support programs when she late in 2000.

    She was never on a show. But she had a classmate during a Interstate Business College, Fargo, who was operative partial time during KXJB and who gave Sharon and another crony a debate of a hire one day while a “Captain Jim” uncover was on.

    During a mangle in a show, Sharon’s classmate introduced her to Mike Ferris, who was using camera during a uncover and who eventually would be a station’s prolongation manager until he late in 2000.

    And we can evidence in a regretful music, even if it’s not for kids, Captain Jim. Because Sharon and Mike went on to turn mother and husband.

    If we have an object of seductiveness for this column, mail it to Neighbors, The Forum, Box 2020, Fargo, ND 58107; fax it to (701) 241-5487; or email [email protected]

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