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Three charged in Duluth heroin bust

March 1, 2014 Duluth No Comments

Three men were charged in a heroin bust in Duluth on Friday, the latest in a series of heroin-related arrests in the city this month.

Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force and the Duluth Police Department performed a search warrant Wednesday at an apartment on the 1800 block of East Second Street.

During the search, investigators seized 65 grams of heroin, $6,135 and related evidence of drug sales.

Jerrell Benjamin Rodgers, 21, of Chicago; Ike Gold Hardy, 28, of Duluth; and Akeem Maurice Asad, 22, of Chicago were arrested during the search.

All three men were officially charged by the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office with first-degree sale of a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit a controlled substance crime. Asad and Rodgers are in custody.

Hardy — who was released on bail stemming from a previous charge before being charged with the current offense — is wanted for an outstanding felony warrant.

Residents with any information about gang activity, violent crime and drug trafficking are encouraged to call the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force at (218) 730-5750.

Earlier this month, the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force arrested two men for allegedly selling heroin in separate cases at a downtown Duluth hotel and a Central Hillside apartment. Last week, Duluth police arrested four people in Piedmont Heights and Duluth Heights for selling heroin.

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